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Pricing freelance projects

How Much Does it Cost to Catalog an Antique Collection?

Since every collection management project related to digitalizing a collection of antiques or artifacts is different, all quotes must be tailored to your specific situation. It’s important that your freelancer evaluate the scope of work for you in person.

Collection Management Services in Berkshire County, MA

If you are interested in collection management services to help preserve the history of your collection and you are located in or near Berkshire County Massachusetts, please use my contact me for a free consultation. I’m happy to negotiate the program cost based on a per project, per diem, or per hour arrangement.

How it works

  • Simply complete the contact form
  • I will call you for a brief overview and to schedule an appointment
  • You will receive a free in person consultation and an estimate of service fees

Thank you for considering me for your project,

Kate Coulehan