I Am a Freelance Protector of Antique Perishables

Tediously cataloging valued collections into a digital format. Exposed to the elements of open air and mere disorganization will devalue your archive.

Why Kate Coulehan

I am a lover of art history with a passionate desire to learn about the life an artifact has had. …the complete story behind it.

Helping to preserve the history of artifacts and create the possibility for continued study for future generations, gives me great satisfaction.

Protect, Record, Recreate

My Skillset

Digitizing Photography, and Cataloguing Ephemera

Digitizing all formats while recording dates, descriptions, authors, and setting. From start to finish

Vintage Clothing & Textiles

Appraisals, Condition, flaws, repairs, measurements. Identifying and appraising while the items are photographed

Portrait Artist

Custom Photo-like Portrait Painting By special order; Couples, families, infants, pets, and homesteads.

Experience Meets Expertise

Whether you are using a more sophisticated cloud based software, such as Collector Systems, or an organized version of Google Docs to digitize the collection, I can work with your process.

I am also
A Portrait Artist

Oil portraits by Kate Coulehan done with love. Take a look at my gallery featured pieces.